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The Bible Summarized

Now we know we all should find time to read the Bible.  Some may believe they are too busy to read the Bible.  In the interest of saving you a lot of time and convincing you that you should read the Bible, here below is an outline of many of the important Bible teachings.  In about ten minutes you will have a preview of the entire Bible.  You can read the Bible in a little more than eighty (80) hours. If you read every day that is less than fifteen minutes a day to read the Bible in a year.  The Bible, in summary, follows.

Creation:    The Bible begins with God’s beautiful story of the creation of the universe but focuses on Earth’s creation, under a canopy of water. It narrates God’s relationship with man and woman.  Man and woman are created perfect and without sin. They unfortunately listen to the creature or creation of God, who lied to them in Eden.  They took fruit off of the only tree forbidden to them.  Sin entered the world and death by sin.  Death passed on all men, for that all have sinned.  Since death did not come into the world until the fall of man and sin and there can be no death before sin. This rules out Theistic evolutionists and those who call themselves  “progressive creationists,” or who hold to the “day age” theory or the great “gap theory.”  All of these fail since they all claim death came before ‘the first man Adam’ (I Corinthians 15:45).  There was no death until the first sin.  There was no sin until Adam and Eve sinned by listening to the creation instead of the Creator in the Garden of Eden.

Adam & three deaths of man:     This sin of man caused man to be separated from God.  Once man is separated from God, man is separated from the source of eternal life.  Man has experienced

“Spiritual death.”  Without the source of eternal life, man will no longer live for ever.  Thus because of the separation from God, the Source of Eternal Life, physical death follows the Spiritual death and enters the world.  Finally, if one isn’t “hooked back up” to the Source of Eternal Life before he experiences physical death, he will experience eternal death in the lake of fire (Revelation 20 and 21). 

The Bible, after the sin in Eden, tells of God’s attempted reconciliation with sinful, rebellious man. Why did God try to reconcile?  So man would not have to experience eternal death in the lake of fire.  For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23)

Noah:   God selected certain men to use them in His overall purposes, based upon God’s foreknowledge of them.  After about seventeen hundred (1700) years, when the whole world was full of sin, God purposed to destroy the world by ‘the’ flood. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. God used faithful Noah to save those in whom was the breath of life: animal and human life, on the ark.  They were saved from the total devastation of the world wide flood.  Noah obeyed God and built an ark.  This saved Noah and his family.  No other human joined Noah’s family.  No one else on Earth survived.

    After the flood, man came off the ark and began repopulation of the world.  Man began to sin almost immediately again.  (We never seem to learn.)  Then man wanted to build a tower so high that he could survive a flood and God’s wrath. All me spoke the same language. But God confused their languages, and people separated into language groups.

ABRAHAM After the tower of Babel and scattering of men, God chose Abram, whom He later renamed Abraham.  Abram was God’s choice to be founder of the people of God (nation of Israel).

Abraham, Isaac & Jacob:     God took Abraham, at age 99, with a wife whose womb was long past child bearing and produced a miracle son. His name is Isaac.  When Isaac was age 60, God gave to Isaac twin boys, Esau and Jacob. Jacob was renamed by God: to Israel.  This was after Jacob married two Syrian women, Leah and Rachel.  By them and their hand maids, (four women) he became the father of twelve sons and one daughter.  These boys became the founders of the twelve family tribes of the nation Israel.  Jacob of Israel had a favorite son, named Joseph.  Joseph, the son of Jacob-Israel, was sold by his older half brothers into slavery in Egypt.  In Egypt, Potiphar’s wife falsely accused Joseph.  Joseph is thrown into prison (the royal guard house).

Joseph and Egypt:    God allowed these evil events in Joseph’s life to place Joseph before Pharaoh.  God gave Pharaoh a troubling dream.  God gave Joseph the interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream which was a severe famine to come.  Pharaoh placed Joseph second in command of Egypt.  There was, as foretold by God, at least a region wide great famine, of which Pharaoh had been forewarned in the dream which was interpreted by God using Joseph. Joseph was able to preserve his father’s family (Israel) and to bring them into Egypt and sustain them.  Later, Joseph died.  There arose Pharaohs who did not remember Joseph or what he had done for Egypt.  These Pharaohs put the children of Israel (Joseph’s brethren) into slavery. 

MOSES:  Set MY people free:   The Israelites cried out to God.  God heard them and raised up Moses to deliver them.  Moses had been adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter, when Pharaoh was ordering the death of all Hebrew males.  At age 40, Moses tried, in his own strength and ability, to deliver the people.  Moses murdered an Egyptian man in the defense of an Israelite.  Moses had to flee to Midian.  He married the priest of Midian’s daughter and tended sheep for 40 years.  At age 80, God called Moses to be used of God as deliverer.  God then delivered His people by Moses with ten miraculous wonders; the last was the death of the first born of all children and animals in the land of Egypt on the first Passover. Egypt then allowed the Israelite people to depart. Shortly after, Pharaoh pursued and trapped Israel against the Red Sea. God parted the Red Sea for Israel.  God delivered them across the Red Sea on dry ground.  When Pharaoh chased after them into the same sea, Pharaoh and his army was drowned.

The wilderness: More than six hundred thousand (600,000) men of war, age 20 years old and upward, able to go to war were numbered (603,550 - Numbers 1:46).  In addition to the men of war, were the wives, children and elders, together with flocks and herds. All these went into the wilderness.  God fed the people with manna from heaven for forty (40) years.  God supplied water for them and their flocks.  God gave Israel The Ten Commandments by which to live.  God taught Israel and forgave them over and over.  God set apart, as His high priest, Aaron the Levite and his sons.  God allowed Moses to build a tabernacle, a place for man to meet with God.  Aaron had sinned and he died without going into the Promised Land, as did all of the generation of those who did not believe God could give them victory over the inhabitants of the Promised Land.  Finally, after he went to the top of the mountain and viewed the Promised Land, Moses died without going into the Promised Land. 

Promised Land:     God dried up the Jordan River to show that God was using Joshua to lead His people across Jordan into the Promised Land.  God used to Joshua to capture Jericho, Ai and all the city kingdoms of the land of Canaan. God kept His word.  Israel possessed the land. The people did not fully obey God. Next Joshua and the elders of his generation died.  Then the people began to do what seemed right in their own eyes. 

Time of Judges:    When sin abounded, God allowed the enemies of Israel to prevail and take them into captivity.  When they cried out to God, God delivered Israel. This happened over and over during the time of Judges, until the days of Samuel, the last Judge. Then the Lord gave them the king they wanted (Saul) so they could be like “the other nations.”  They wanted to be just like the world.

Saul, David, Solomon:   Israel was given handsome, tall Saul.  Saul turned from God and failed to fully obey God, so God took from Saul the kingdom.  David was anointed king long before Saul died.  David was loyal to Saul as God’s anointed.  David became king after Saul’s death. Although David also sinned, when David was confronted, he repented.  David was a man “after God’s own heart.”  David believed God could do anything.  David’s son, Solomon, reigned next and God allowed him to build the first great Temple to God in Jerusalem.  God gave Solomon wisdom.  Solomon reigned over a national, strong, world power.  But Solomon took hundreds of wives and multiplied unto himself, horses and chariots, and gold, this had been forbidden by God.  Because of Solomon’s sin, God split the kingdom in two parts.

Divided kingdom:   The northern ten tribes departed from Solomon’s son Rehoboam.  (David and Solomon’s offspring ruled over only the two tribes of the south).  The northern kingdom never again worshiped God in the Temple at Jerusalem.  They sinned by worshiping golden calves in Samaria.  The nation never repented and returned to God.  Thus, after a long period of sin, the northern kingdom was taken into captivity in Assyria. The southern kingdom did not learn from the northern kingdom’s going into captivity, for not repenting.  The failure of the southern kingdom to repent of sin led them into captivity into Babylon. 

Captivity:    Jeremiah and Isaiah both foretold of the captivity and of the seventy-year period.  Daniel was the great prophet and a political figure during the period of captivity.  Ezekiel played an important role as a prophet.  But after the seventy-year period of southern kingdom captivity, God had raised up Cyrus of Persia to be His fulfiller of the word of Jeremiah the prophet.  In the first year of his reign Cyrus had captured all of Babylon’s power and had taken over that empire’s control.

Return:   Cyrus, who had been foretold by God, by name, hundreds of years earlier, through Isaiah, sent the Israelites back to the city of Jerusalem.  The second temple was built by Zerubbabel, Ezra and Nehemiah, as Israel returned from the captivity.  Daniel is told by God in a dream of all the future kingdoms who will rule the world or be the powers. As predicted these powers rule. Without names being given historians agree that the Selucian kings, Cleopatra, Alexander of Greece and the Roman Empire are clearly distinguishable.

Silence:    There is much history of the land of Israel and the Middle East. Persia gives place to the Phoenician.  The Greeks defeated the Phoenicians; then later the Greece falls to the Romans.  But from God (Biblically) there is a period of silence. The last great prophets were
Haggai, Zachariah, and Malachi. God did not raise up any great prophets for four (400) hundred years. Malachi spoke of a future prophetic voice that would prepare the way for the Messiah of Israel.

Messiah (Jesus):   After the period of silence, God sent arch angel Gabriel to a priest in the temple to tell of the birth of the prophet John and to a virgin in Nazareth.  Gabriel announced to the priest in the Temple the birth of a prophet, the first in the time of Jesus.  John the Baptist was born to the priest and his wife of she had been called barren.  Gabriel had also gone to the virgin Mary (Miriam), a Jewish girl.  Gabriel told her God had selected her to be the birth mother to Messiah: God (poured into flesh) of a man.  His Name was to be called Jesus as He would “save His people from their sins.”  Mary questioned how this could be as she was a physical virgin. This Child was to be born of her, but was conceived of the Holy Ghost.

Life, Death, Resurrection, Holy Spirit:    Then came the birth and sinless life of the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.  Jesus was born in Bethlehem to a virgin mother.  Jesus was Lord from His birth. HE was the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world.  He was Savior of the world.  Jesus did not sin. Father God used His Son Jesus to do many signs and wonders.  Jesus was ‘the second Adam.’  Adam had sinned, saying (by his actions) not God’s will, but Adam or man’s will was done.  Jesus surrendered in the Garden of Gethsemane to go to the death on the cross.  Jesus said to God the Father, “not My will, but Thine be done.”  Jesus then allowed Himself to be crucified under Pontius Pilate.  Jesus was crucified, died and He was buried.  The third day He arose from the dead.  He was seen by several hundred people after He had risen from the dead.  JESUS is the only person to be raised physically from the dead to eternal life to never die again.  No other founder of a religion makes this claim.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all wrote of His life, death and resurrection.  WHY did Jesus die on the cross? Each man has sinned. With that first real sin, each man earned for himself eternal death, the second death in the lake of fire. God loves each one. God allowed Jesus to come and pay the eternal death penalty that each one of us owes. THE MOMENT HE DIED your eternal death penalty was paid. Now you can go avoid the lake of fire and eternal death if you accept Jesus and His death in your place. You turn form sin to Jesus. You ask Him to come into your heart and life and you will escape the penalty of eternal death in the lake of fire. To prove HE had the authority to do this for you, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day.  He was seen of many alive again from the dead. Then, as His disciples watched, Jesus ascended into heaven.  Jesus had told His disciples to pray in the Name of Jesus, according to God’s will, nothing doubting and they would receive those things they asked of God the Father.  God the Father now sent God the Holy Spirit to dwell in all who believe.

Acts of Apostles:  The Bible then reports the spread of the good news that Jesus had arisen from the dead and was Lord.  Peter, Paul. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Barnabas, Silas, Apollos and others preached the gospel throughout the then known world.  Finally, John the beloved was given a Revelation.  

Revelation: Jesus appeared the last time on Earth to John in bodily form and John fell at the feet of Jesus as if dead. Jesus told him to write to the seven churches in Asia minor (much of the area of Turkey in the 20th -21st century. Jesus instructed them on how to live. Then Jesus told of the time of Tribulation to come on this world. We need to avoid that time. We are told. Jesus is coming again to receive those who have reconciled to the Father. (Jesus had said “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father, but by Me.”)  Those who die shall be judged based upon their acceptance or rejection of His death for their sin.  Those who die, without having received Jesus into their heart and life as Savior and Lord, will have (by their action and neglect) chosen the lake of fire that burns forever and ever.  Those whose names are written in the book of life, shall never die, but shall be with God in heaven for eternity.  It is your choice.

Coming Again:   Jesus came the first time, exactly as the Bible predicted.  The Bible says Jesus is coming again with Glory to rule and reign on the Earth for a thousand years.  The evil one (satan, the devil) and his forces will be defeated and bound for that thousand years in the pit.  Then after the thousand years they will come out for the final test. Then comes that final resurrection and the heavenly eternal time. Time as we know it shall be no more. Those who have received Jesus as Lord will be with Him forever in heaven.  It is appointed unto every man once to die and after this the judgment.  If you have not made Jesus the Lord of your life and reconciled back to God the Father, through Jesus, do it before you go out and walk the streets or drive on the highways.  If you die, before you make peace, you will face a forever place of torment in a lake
their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. 

God loves you and has a plan for you in this life and everlasting life in a paradise called heaven. The devil hates you and wants you dead and in hell right now.  YOU MUST MAKE A CHOICE.

That is a short summary of the almost 1200 chapters in the Bible.
This cannot replace daily Bible reading and study, for in the Bible are the Words of Life.

The Bible is the book of faith for the faithful

God the Father reveals Himself to us these days by the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit’s purpose to reveal the Father, His ways and His purposes and to testify of Jesus and lead us into all Truth. Thus, one should read the Bible from cover to cover, or re-read it unless you memorized it all, when you went through it for the first time ☺ (smile).   You can know what is that good, and acceptable and perfect, will of God.  You can know what God wants us to know and believe.  It is all in God’s Word, the Bible.

You can not please God if you do not have faith in Him.  Reading the Bible is not enough. You must apply it to your life. You must accept its author as God.  In reading the Bible and continuing to read it from cover to cover you will grow in strength and intimacy with God. In the Bible, God reveals Himself, His ways and His purposes. Thus, the only way one can KNOW God as HE reveals Himself, is to be familiar with the Bible: God’s revelation of Himself, His ways and His purposes.

    The Bible gives us a logical explanation for the existence of the universe.  The Bible states God created everything in six days.  The Bible is far more than an explanation.  In the Bible is eternal life and “the Way” to peace with God.  In the Bible are answers to questions - problems of  this temporary life.  If the Bible reveals the Only Way to eternal life with God what must you do?  Find that Way and accept Him.  Then you will not go to the Lake of Fire, but you will have eternal life with God in heaven. 

    If you never have surrendered to Christ and accepted what He did for you by dying for your sins in your place, you may do so now.  Repeat with me.

The Call to Peace:


Dear Lord Jesus,   I know You Love me and died to pay the death penalty my sins had earned me. You want to cleanse me and save me from the penalty of all sin, which is hell and the lake of fire. My sins separate me from You and Your blessings and Your plan for me to have a wonderful life now and an eternity of peace with You in heaven. I believe Jesus is Lord. I believe God raised Jesus from the dead. Since I do not want to go to hell, I repent and am sorry for my sins.  I turn from sin to Jesus. Please forgive me, I ask Jesus to come into my heart and life be my Savior and only Lord. Please change me completely, I pray in the Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen and amen.

    If you prayed that prayer and meant it sincerely from within, you have called upon the Name of the Lord.  The Bible says the whosoever calls upon the Name of the Lord, shall be saved.  (Romans 10:13)


                                          Three chapters a day keeps the devil away.

     And reading of four gives peace evermore.